segunda-feira, 8 de junho de 2015

The Mage of the Void

Once there was the I
only me and myself were here
and from being only
suddenly, i became... present

There was fire, wind,
earth, water, and light
But there was also darkness
And following the day, there was the night

And then i realized nothing really was
as above so below, as within so without
There was only void
That involved it all throughout

And in the void, all there was, was there
And the nothing contained the everything
In the void i let myself be too
And from it's power, i rose again

Once more there was i
Aware of all there is and isn't yet
I became aware of time
And then, that time is but a fake

Then i came to know of truth,
And all there is besides
and all there is, is only one
But divided, it's multiplied

Too many truths that could appear
Too many differences and parts
A whole completion to this science
And also, a complete lack of start

In the void, ever is dark
But it's also very clear
Light itself will burn and fade
Shall the darkness not evade

It's how the word begins the world
It's why the living have a shape
Everything comes out of nowhere
For in the void I simply am

A legacy i leave
To those who want to know
Of the void all voices shall return
and in silence shall remain

My legacy i leave to
those of you who know you're me
In the void at once all happens
And between to chose you're free